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David Boody, a painter around the Ellicott Upkeep staff, patches up and paints walls throughout the dorms.

While checking for space damages in the finish of a single semester, Boody noticed students acquiring artistic by covering up paint damages on their wall with their hands.

“Finger painting and prints were smeared all over the wall and also the students believed that was a repair. The complete wall necessary to have sanded down, re-patched and re-painted,” Boody stated.

Boody described the student’s creative effort as outrageous and that it stood out from a hundred yards away.

Be it finger-painting, toilet troubles or an insect infestation, the maintenance staff situated inside the Ellicott Complex is equipped to manage any emergency or non-emergency matters in dorms. Ellicott Complicated Upkeep is composed of expert tradesmen who are on get in touch with 24 hours every day for students by means of the operate order technique, that is serviced on the Campus Living site.

Pam Gruber, office manager at Ellicott Upkeep, is 1 particular person in charge of the complex’s function order system. Gruber stated some students will get in touch with in with emergencies, but the technique is all on-line for student use.

“It’s most effective for location-wise [problems] that people place them on the net so, that way, there’s no misunderstanding exactly where a area is or what developing function is needed in,” Gruber said. “I normally tell youngsters if they’re calling up [Maintenance] to put it appropriate into the description box exactly where they’re writing down what the problem is.”

Once an order is submitted, mechanics and electricians are known as in to repair troubles that can range from graffiti on walls to clogged drains.

Upkeep has even gotten calls about pests.

A single year, a student’s parents named regarding their terrified son who believed a rodent was lurking below his radiator.

“He couldn’t go into his space and he lived [in a single], so it turned out when we had the exterminator to go in there, it was a spoon that occurred to become there,” Gruber mentioned. “He was an individual that maybe should’ve had a roommate but it is difficult and your first six months getting away from dwelling can be a horrifying feeling so it’s good that at least they know they can ask for help from us.”

Scott Cleveland, a plumber around the Ellicott Upkeep employees, helps repair issues from plugged drains to dripping pipes within the dorms. Cleveland notes the significance for students to submit orders both efficiently and correctly.

“If you have got a plugged toilet or perhaps a sink, I want it performed immediately. You spend major cash to be right here and also you deserve high quality service plus the only way we can [provide] service is always to know there’s an issue,” Cleveland said.

A few of the work orders have left memorable moments for the Ellicott Maintenance employees.

Vince Biondi, a maintenance assistant, is usually a jack-of-all-trades.

Biondi, who began 17 years ago as a cleaner in Governor’s Complex, began his job as a upkeep assistant in 2003 and has skilled some campus fame. Biondi’s picture is featured alongside the function order submission page along with a student once noticed him around the job.

“They say ‘Oh, I’ve seen you on the Campus Living website’ exactly where I’m kneeling down doing a repair so it is an honor and it tends to make me genuinely proud,” Biondi mentioned. “I didn’t even know the student however they came as much as me, so it’s a memorable factor within a gorgeous way.”

For Cleveland, one more unforgettable order originated at the bottom of a toilet bowl in the dorm bathrooms when he had to “chop up” feces using a piece of wood.

Apart from the offbeat moments the job can present, the Ellicott Maintenance employees requires just about every order seriously.

A few of the joys of the job for Biondi include the random thank-you’s he gets for fixing dispensers in the bathrooms or otherwise. He does not count on the appreciation but it’s an added bonus to get a job he already adores.

“I love it and we’re here for the students to make this location great – that is our objective. They reside here and we want the incredibly very best for them,” Biondi said.

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